Prof. Törün ÖZER, PhD

Dean of Adnan Menderes University, Faculty of Dentistry

How did this dream come true?

In fact, IDC is an amazing dream for all of our staff and for you, our lovely patients, lovely guests. I want to tell you the story of this project. How, when and why?

This wonderful view impressed me for the first time in 2013. That shining summer Sunday, after having a great breakfast with my big family, I wanted to see the excellence of the landscape from the top of Kuşadası. We drove our cars straight up to the ADU Tourism Faculty that is placed near our building.

After introducing myself as the Vice Dean of ADU Faculty of Dentistry to the security, I told him that “All the people in ADU talks about this spectacular view so I want to see it by myself, Is it real or is it a fiction?” After a small smile on his face, he invited all my family members to the balcony of the Tourism Faculty. He was a very nice guy and he offered us a cup of tea. I could not say a word for some minutes because my tongue was locked with this spectacular view.

When my first shock was gone, I turned to my dad and “Dady, if I were a poet, I would write my all poems at this point. This view caught my soul and my heart”. In fact, I am not a poet but I am an experienced dentist and Professor. So why not do the treatments at this lovely place at this lovely view. This thinking started to mix my mind and I was telling all of my friends to make this dream come true while searching for some solutions.

In 2015, the Rector of our University Prof. Dr. Cavit BİRCAN informed me about alternative tourism financial support programme of GEKA (South Eagean Development Agency). At that second I started to make projects about IDC. I am still trying to do my best for IDC but I am not alone in this road. Thanks to our Rector Prof. Dr. Cavit BİRCAN for his endless support, thanks to GEKA for believing our project, thanks to everybody who had put a brick in this wall and very special thanks to you, our patients, our guests.



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