Root Canal Treatment

Why do we plan root canal treatments?

When the vital connective tissue of the tooth, the pulp, is infected; it should immediately be treated by routine endodontic treatment. During this treatment procedure; the pulp is taken out of the tooth under local anesthesia, microorganisms inside are disinfected using several medicaments and finally your root canal is obturated using the dental microscope (link).

Dental microscope (link içeriği)

Using the latest technology in IDC. We now have the change to comlete the root canal treatment in one session, approximately in one hour; which had lasted for 2-3 sessions and more than two hours.

What are the signs of dental infection?

-swelling of your tooth, cheek or face

-severe, persisting toothache

-sensitivity to hot/cold or pain on chewing or biting

-pus draining from the soft tissue around your tooth

What happens if I don’t have root canal treatment?

Pus inside your tooth will cause severe pain and swelling. If the tooth is not treated at this stage; microorganisms may cause sepsis (giving you high fever and threaten your life security by several means).

Will root canal treatment hurt me?

Of course not. We use different types of analgesia pre-operatively; so you feel as comfortable as you are sitting on your sofa. After the treatment; for pain-control, we can provide you anelgesics to prevent you propost-operative pain.

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